Where would I find new document after a program crash?Untitled?

I created a floor plan w a stairwell, tried to use ‘tags’ to separate floor plan from stairwell but app crashed after most work was done. It does not appear under ‘recents’

What version of SketchUp are you using? That will affect the answer to your question. Please complete your forum profile.

Did you ever save the file after you started it?

If you’re using a desktop version, it should appear on the welcome window.

This part is true, but note that the window is alphabetical, your new ‘Untitled’ document may be down the list somewhat. Scroll down and look for a thumbnail image that seems about right.

I have the latest Mac OS version, good ‘till Sept 2024.

I normally save Sketchip every few minutes but got carried away.

Also i had FINALLY found ‘layers’ under ‘tags’ and was trying to separate out the phases of the house drawing.

I noticed while builing the stairwell that ‘pull’ started bending geometry. I shoikd have stopped there, saved and rebooted

Also, the App is not saving to the Cloud so drawings were unavailable on the ipad or iphone. I did try and move that folder to iCloud but it defaulted to local storage.

I am mire used to DynaCad on the Mac, a powerful App bo longer around

It id Sketchup Pro NNN

no, SU pro doesn’t natively save files to sketchup’s cloud.

It’s actually a valid point, there should be a tool / extension to publish to your sketchup cloud the same way you can publish to your trimble connect one, as a way to pass from machine to ipad.

you could go make a topic about that in Feature Requests - some people will tell you to use trimble connect, but it’s not the same thing

Meanwhile, if you want to share sketchup files from your computer to your ipad, you have to go to the web app :

The “free” web app is the bridge between all your versions, any file uploaded there will appear on your idevices. and will also be accessible from any other computer, using the web app (or downloaded there to use on pro)

Not having had an iPad for years now, I’m not sure how sketchup on ipad manages it’s folders, and if you can simply add files to iCloud - from your experience it looks like no, but the web interface should work. Until someday we have a Pro tool to upload / download fro sketchup’s cloud at least :wink:

Thanks, I did ask that my data my available to my iPhone and thus to the builder and financer.

However the Free Online Sketchup site does not display on my iPhone properly.

It may open on my Powerbook M1 but that’s a hassle to be handcuffed to wherever one goes.

It is a pity when a industrial concern imposes industrial standards on a creative production app.

Took me weeks to find ‘layers’ as ‘tags’ is not the common desktop printing nomenclature.

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