SketchUp folder missing

I can’t seem to find the SketchUp folder in On My iPad in the File App.

I can’t find the files I create from iPad SketchUp neither.

I can access it from the Recent File list in the SketchUp app but I don’t know where it is stored.

Mine is under “files > on my iPad > SketchUp”. Just like you say.

If I go to “recents”. And then long press on an item, I can use the “get info” option to see where it is stored… that might help?

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Thanks for responding.

It only appears in Recent in the SketchUp app not Files app.

There is a little difference between the way recent files are displayed between files loaded from Trimble Connect and ‘On my iPad’ and iCloud drive.

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That’s why I posted the second pick. I was hoping that you could long press on it and then choose “get info” and see where it was stored.

Mike probably has you covered though. I don’t do much with off ipad storage unless I’m moving finished models to other people.

Thanks Mike. Base on the icon it looks like it’s saved on the iPad. But I don’t see it in the Files app. Not even the SketchUp folder is there


I recently updated the iOS and the SketchUp folder as well as folders from other apps has appeared on the On My IPad app.

I guess it was just some kind of software glitch.