Where should a .dat file go on a Mac?

I have bought a plugin called Dynamic Tools that seems to offer some very interesting functionalities. However, the developer ignores there are many people who work on Macs and sends only installation instructions for Windows users.

The first part of the instructions informs one where to put a file named shortcuts.dat on Windows. Would anyone know where this file should go on Mac for the extension to work?

The whole installation seems to depend on that. I see in the Extension Manager that the plugin has been installed but it does not show on the Extensions menu nor on the Tools menu. A search for it returns nothing.

Thanks in advance.

Where did you get this extension? It’s possible it’s a Windows-only extension.

Normally these dat files are imported or exported from the Shortcuts panel of the Preferences dialog.

But it is not appropriate for extensions to impose shortcut settings upon users. This is mainly why setting shortcuts is not exposed to the SketchUp API.

If this is a Windows-only extension it should be stated clearly by the creator.

Agreed. Maybe it is stated. Again, where did you get it?

From the creator’s site: Mastertuts. I have just got in touch with them and they said they will send me a version that works on Mac.

As @DanRathbun pointed out, the .dat files are used for export and import of shortcuts on Windows SketchUp. The “live” shortcuts are kept in the SharedPreferences.json file. Mac has never offered the import and export ability of Windows SketchUp.

And, as Dan also pointed out, no extension should be trying to set shortcuts for you. It can’t know whether they will collide with ones you have previously set!

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I received a Mac version from the developer. It installed smoothly and I started trying the tools. So far so good.