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Mac OS Mojave 10.14.2, SU 2018 Pro 18.1.1180. Can anyone tell me where the bloody shortcuts file is and what it is named? I think that the extension changed in 2018, but I can’t seem to find it.




As of SU 2018 they, along with many other preferences, are saved in

/Users/yourid/Library/Application\ Support/SketchUp\ 2018/SketchUp/SharedPreferences.json


Hello, I have High Sierra, and I can not find the file.



But according to your profile you have SketchUp 2018 not SketchUp 8 per the original question.

Edit: Oops! I seem to have crossed threads with a different topic that specifically asked about SketchUp 8. My apologies!



I have SU 2018 pro, whats the difference between SketchUp 8, and do u know where the shortcuts file is and how to replace it whit the file I have in a windows computer?



SketchUp 8 was the last version developed by Google over 7 years ago before Trimble bought SketchUp from them. There have been 6 upgrades since then, some with significant changes, culminating in the current SketchUp 2018. Assuming Trimble continues the pattern of past years (which they haven’t promised), SketchUp 2019 will be released sometime soon.

In SketchUp 2018 they changed the place and mechanism for capturing user preference settings (and other things such as extension defaults) to use JSON files instead of plists on Mac and registry settings on Windows. There are two such files, SharedPreferences.json, which is meant to capture settings that are assumed to be the same for all computers the user has licensed, and PrivatePreferences.json, which is meant to capture things that may be different from computer to computer. On the Mac, these are located in

/Users/yourid/Library/Application\ Support/SketchUp\ 2018/SketchUp

On Windows they are located in a user’s AppData, but I will have to defer to a Windows guru to say exactly where.

PS, sorry about the SketchUp 8 diversion. I must have crossed threads from a different topic that was specifically about SketchUp 8.

Edit2: The location of the file is the same for High Sierra as for Mojave. If you can’t find it there (and have substituted your actual user id for “yourid” in the path I gave), the only reason I can think of is that your ~/Library folder is hidden by default in Finder. You can use the Finder’s menu Go->Go To Folder to see it.



@slbaumgartner Can you export shortcuts from preferences on Mac the same way we can on win?



No. Mac SketchUp has never had an export or import for shortcuts. I presume this is because the settings have always been kept in files accessible to the user. One simply copies the Shortcuts.plist file to transfer them. In Windows prior to SU 2018 they are kept in the Registry, which requires a higher level of user sophistication and risk to alter, so the export/import was needed.

Unfortunately, the file exported by Windows SketchUp takes a bit of processing to convert it to the plist format for the Mac. It’s not terribly difficult to do but for whatever reason the Trimble team has never provided a conversion utility.

Unfortunately, the change to JSON files in SketchUp 2018 did not achieve full compatibility because the JSON file contains a “Windows Only” and a “Mac Only” section, and the shortcuts are kept inside these sections. So, if you copy the JSON file from one Windows box to another, it should work and likewise for Mac. But if you copy a Mac JSON file to Windows the shortcuts won’t come across.

I suspect this was done because there could be different key combinations that aren’t allowed on the two platforms, but I haven’t investigated carefully.

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Thank u very much !