Where is my file?


I’ve started with sketchup free this morning, liking it, drawing for 3 hours… pressed save few times (thinking it was saved somewhere). Then I wanted to save as…to put it in an folder… Sketchup didn’t give a screen or anything. Then I tried starting a NEW file…Sketchup prompted “do you want to save your file?” I pressed yes/save…nothing happend (no screen what so ever)…than I had e new empty drwaing and…PANIC…

Where is my file?
Is it somewhere?


(It is not in the Trimble account, I started that after the drawing…)


Hi Sven and welcome to the SU Community Forum!

If your SketchUp files were saved, you can locate them by performing a global search for “.skp” (omit the quotation marks). Be sure to take note of the folder location because all files saved using SU Free will probably be stored in the same place.


Sven, did you try using Download>.SKP file to save the file to your computer? The file would only be saved to your computer if you use the Download method. There’d be no point in looking for it on your computer if you didn’t download it.

Have you tried saving a file to Trimble Connect since you established the account and logged in? Go to this site to make sure you’ve properly established an account with Trimble Connect and completed all the required fields.


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