File disappeared trimble connect

Hi All,

i have been working on a drawing planning the layout of my garden, i have been working on it for over a month regularly tweaking it. i had been using free web based version but i decided to do the trial pro version as the file was getting too big to process on the internet.

i downloaded pro and imported the drawing through trimble connect. and had been editing and saving it through that (or so i thought).

I come to open the drawing as i had done multiple times before (open up Pro, and click on the image of my drawing at the start up screen) but this time when i opened sketchup it prompted me about doing a tutorial, i skipped this and went to open my file to find it missng from the start up screen with only the tutorial left there.

so i tried to open it through trimble connect, but when i opened it up it is saying the file was last modified on the 21st of April 2019 ( which was when i started using pro) so i have lost days worth of work, is there anywhere else that sketchup would have saved this file? i have tried searching my computer for the file name and nothing has come up.

this has really frustrated me as i spent a lot of time developing this drawing as a reference for the work i am doing, any assistance will be greatly appreciated.

Once you started using Pro, it may have begun to save to the local hard disk (though I haven’t used the web Free version myself).

You can find where in Window/Preferences/Files - that will be set at the default, which is usually on your local hard drive…

Try also a file name search for *.skp on your default hard drive (usually C:). If you haven’t explicitly saved it, it might still be called Untitled xx.skp where xx is a one or two digit number.

@DaveR will most likely know, and may be able to correct me if I have this speculation wrong.

About the tutorials, on the left of the welcome screen is Files and Learn. It’s unlikely to be the case, but if you had Learn selected and clicked on one of the thumbnails, you would be take to tutorials.