Where I contact relating wrong invoice of auto renewal

I got the mail that I renewed maintenance license. But I did not renewed. Trimble draw my money from my card accounts and I don’t know how to complain this to Trimble. Please help me how to solve this problem.

Raise a ticket here:
Maybe, @colin can pick it up, despite holiday season

For anyone else wondering about auto renew of Classic maintenance and support, if you have that turned on and you decide that you don’t need any updates to SketchUp, and you’re never going to need to contact SketchUp support, sign into this page:


If you do have auto renew turned on there will be an option to turn it off, and a way to update your billing details. If auto renew is not turned on, neither of those things will appear. Click on the auto renew enabled toggle to turn it off.

For @alexkwak24 , your license did have auto renew turned on. If you’re sure you don’t need updates or support, this would be a better link to use to start a refund of the $120 you just paid:


Some of us in support do work over the holiday, and so the refund ought to happen soon.