Account didn't autorenew

Please help I need urgent help and have had no response from Trimble/SketchUp despite trying to contact them for 2 days.

My SketchUp account was supposed to auto renew but this didn’t happen. I can find no way of making a manual payment and I desperately need my account reactivating now.

I have been emailing SketchUp for 2 days and still no response. I phoned the helpline and was promised a call back in 15 mins. Still no call back 24 hours later.

I started work on a new project yesterday with 100 crew onsite. We are not able to work because my SketchUp account stopped working.

The response from Trimble/SketchUp has been non existent.

you mean on a Saturday and a Sunday, especially independence day weekend ?
with any luck, a non US team might see it, but most likely you’ll have to wait for them to wake up and start working in Colorado.

did you get any message about anything ? maximum activations reached, payment refused, something ?

No message to say auto renewal not done. No message to say payment refused. My account says it is active and will auto renew on the 5th July. It hasn’t.

All I got was an automated email to say they would respond within 24 hours. They haven’t.

I appreciate that it is a weekend in the USA but some people are working - or trying to work.

If you need it straight away just buy a new subscription.

Already tried to setup a new account and Trimble automatically links it to my existing account on my computer. Which I can’t access because the subscription hasn’t renewed. Not helpful.

It is astonishing how a company that provides such an excellent application in SketchUp has such an appalling account management system.

And zero response to any requests for help.

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If it was me I would delete my existing installation and then buy a new subscription using a different email address. There has to be a way.

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In the account management page, here:

you will see you have two accounts. One is under your name, the other is under the company name. The Pro subscription you have should show under the company name account.

It should still be working, and as far as I can tell it is still set to auto renew. But, that isn’t due to happen until early August. You won’t have seen a renew this early.

How much notice are users normally given regarding renewing their subscriptions?

I’m not certain. I can see that an invoice is sent out at the time of renewing, but I’m not sure if there are earlier emails to remind people that their subscription will renew.

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first mail a month before, second mail two weeks before, and final mail is the invoice on the day. at least that’s what I have in my archives.

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I usually get an email from my reseller around 5 weeks before expiry and they often offer a discount for a quick renewal.

I also tend to keep an eye on the expiry date date given within SketchUp under Help> Manage Licences… just to be sure.

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