No Help from the Sketch Up Team

My Sketch Up subscription expired last night so I bought a new one and it’s still saying my subscription expired. I’ve tried contacting Sketch Up multiple times to resolve this issue. Besides automated confirmation emails, that they’ve received my requests for help, 've received 0 emails from the sketch up team and every time I try calling I’m sent to voicemail. I’m a student and a have a final project due in four days, I need to resolve this issue ASAP. Please don’t tell me I’m going to end up failing my last semester and wasting $130.

Have you tried signing out of your Trimble account and signing back in?

You will see in my reply that we had server problems over the weekend, that were fixed this morning. It still took some time for your subscription, and others, to look correct. By the time I replied to your messages the subscription looked ok.

As Anssi said, if you sign out and in again things should look good.