SketchUp Pro Maintenance & Support subscription (classic) - SU payment Holiday?

To all,

I was just e-mailed from SU-HQ saying:-
Your SketchUp Pro Maintenance & Support subscription has now taken place. O.k. I have Auto-renew set & sort of expect this around this time of the year & £117.00 is flagged up on my bank account ready to be paid.

Given the current COVID-19 situation, I see some large companies offering payment holidays & some car insurance companies actually paying back some money to their clients due to the inability to use their cars as much. I guess all this is much appreciated indeed & I guess perhaps some SU-PRO users may be experiencing less use due to less work ?

I don’t see any gesture from SU-HQ in this regard, but most of us are having to tighten our belts in these uncertain times. That said, can someone tell me what actually happens if you decide not to AUTO-RENEW your SketchUp Pro Maintenance & Support subscription (classic) license, for say a year or two & jump back in later.

I just checked my online SU BILLING page to see how you turn off the AUTO-RENEW (or auto payment) but can’t see where one does this. My credit card details aren’t filled in either on this page & it gives me the impression this is required for the AUTO-RENEW - PAYMENT. So why has it AUTO-RENEWED ?

29-05-2020 update.
O.k. just to confirm, I was charged the full amount, no GOODWILL discount this end, as Colin noted for the other SU versions… :frowning:

I’m still uncertain about the AUTO-RENEW, but I’d like this turned off, so it at least gives me some choice next time around, anyone no how to do this ?

I’m currently learning a new Architectural parametric CAD/BIM software with in-house rendering engine, so if all goes well, SU may not be used as much.

I lapsed a year and a half ago.

Recently I had to pay something like (I can’t exactly remember) £160 + VAT to renew my M+S.

I don’t know of any offering for classic licenses, but there has been promo codes for Shop, Pro, and Studio. Each one starts with GOODWILL and ends with the product name, PRO, for example. The discounts are $20, $50, and $100.

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