Where have all the components gone

Hello. i am sorry to post this very trivial question, i have been using sketch up 2016 for some time for fun. the bonus pack components seem to be disappearing bit by bit, i cant find any windows or doors or plants any more. just the never ending massive on line collection of stuff that takes years to sieve through and does not work as well.
am i just being an old fool and its working differently now or have the good days of sketch up gone. i would appreciate some advice please. thanks

3D Warehouse supports the last three versions, so you will have to download them in a normal browser (As .dae) then import in 2016.
Your profile indicates versuon 2019, which is also an option?

hello, thank you very much for your response. i put 2019 by mistake, i am using 2016.
i am sorry but i dont quite know how to do what you have suggested. would you possibly be able to give me a little more direction on how i do this. i am very grateful for your time.