A few problems with 2022


I am using SketchUp Pro 22.0.353 and are having a couple of confusing issues.

Firstly I am struggling to find the extensions that I have downloaded. ‘My downloads’ in Extension Warehouse still shows they exist but I can’t seem to find them when using the software.

Also I have created a number of components in my model but when I open the components window they are not listed.

I haven’t experienced this with any other version. I am missing something?

Can anyone advise please?

Thanks in advance.


Extensions do not, and have never, carry over from one numbered version to the next. They need to be installed again. Maintenance updates carry over but not new version updates.

Have you looked at the In Model section of the browser, the little house Icon?

Hi. Thanks for this I will reinstall my extensions.

I can’t find the In Model section… Nor can i see the icon. I’m using a Mac - is that possibly the reason…?


Oh I see. Sorry now I understand!

Thanks so much for your help. That’s Brilliant.