Sketchup 2019 my extension

I just start to use Sketchup Pro 2019 and purchased one extension. Following instruction, I should go to “My Extensions” to bring up the installed extension. However, I couldn’t find where “My Extensions” is located. It is not in the tool bar. Any help is greatly appreciated.

“Extensions” should be one of the options in the upper menu bar. Assuming it was installed correctly your extension should appear in that drop down list.

Open Window/Extension Warehouse. Make sure you’re signed in, and point at your profile icon. A menu will appear. Choose My Extensions from that menu.

Thanks much for the tip. I now see the “My Extensions” but the one I purchased was not listed. I used the same registered e-mail in the warehouse, sketchup client and even this forum. Could it be that the purchase won’t show up right away instead a waiting period is needed?

What extension is it?

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I know of some issues where a bought extension doesn’t show up in that list. But to check whether that’s your case, scroll down the white background items, which are the ones that are installed, then into the gray background items, that are ones that are compatible but not installed. After that there are more gray background extensions, that are ones that are not compatible.

Is your extension not in any of those groups?

It is 2DXY Survey Tool

Thanks much for replying. Right, the tool I purchased: 2DXY Survey Tool is NOT in any of the sections you described. I sent out e-mails to support and the developer but no progress.

Well I downloaded the trial from inside Sktechup just to check, and It was available and working immediately without restart. Your system and menu system (windows) is slightly different but at least I can say the app seems to work.

I know a few people in support, and I believe they don’t work on weekends. I did ping one of them to check into your case.

When did you bought the extensions?
Did you receive emails?

I bought it yesterday. Yes, I did receive a purchase confirmation e-mail right away.

I attempted download once but wasn’t successful so I did an uninstall. Then I couldn’t see purchased version any more. Currently, I can only see trial version but even trial version doesn’t work. The developer was very kind and suggested maybe the license file on my computer (macpro) is corrupted because I tried to install purchased version, uninstall it and then install the trial version. These steps may have messed up the license file.

I have install, uninstall, open/close sketchup so many times and also restart my computer. None of the steps help.

Thank you so much for helping me.

If the license file on my computer is corrupted, could I manually delete it and start over? The install/uninstall doesn’t seem fix the issue. I mean even the trial version won’t work with complaint about no license file. I use macpro.

Thanks much for testing. I believe you tried it with 2018 sketchup? Mine is 2019 but it could be something else. According to the developer, the extension works for 2019 as well on macOS. I suspect it is a combination of mis operation on my part. I installed the purchased version, without success. Then the uninstall it but it is not available for installation so I went ahead to try to install the trial version. These steps like corrupted the license file.

I hope 1) someone could attach my purchase with my account so it shows up on my extension list 2) advise me how to clean up the potentially corrupted license file. I tried uninstall/restart sketchup etc without success.

Thanks for your help.