Problems right away



I hate to start out with a complaint from the get go, but let’s just say I am less than impressed so far.

I just installed the trial version of SketchUp, with the hope of using the 2DXY SiteSurvey add on for mapping my property boundaries. The trial for the add on only lasts 2 days, and of course it doesn’t work “out of the box”. I see that there is an “active license not found” condition, which I think is why the add on tool bar is missing. The entire SketchUp Help web is unavailable, and there does not look to be any help related contact system, so I am unable to do much troubleshooting other than just poking around.

Can anyone on this forum help me to fix the problem?




You should contact the author directly or the extension directly about this. I know he has been working on some licensing issues just recently.

Which version of SketchUp are you actually using? Your profile indicates you are using the web-based free version which can’t be correct since you’ve installed an extension. The correct and complete information in your profile is helpful in helping you.

Assuming you have installed SketchUp 2018 Pro, did you install it correctly by right clicking on the downloaded installer file and selecting Run as administrator?


I am the author of 2DXY SIteSurvey and have received several similar complaints in the past week. As an encrypted licensed extension it must be installed from within SketchUp: click “window… extension warehouse” so there is no downloader file for the user to click on.
I have made no changes to my extensions in months, so all such problems must be due to some recently introduced bug in Trimble’s licencing process. I have reported these problems to them but have still received NO RESPONSE. At this point I can only advise users to contact Pro support. If this continues I may have to suspend offering my extensions until Trimble gets its act together.


Yes I installed SketchUp Pro 2018 but I did NOT install it as the
Administrator. I can try that if you feel this may solve the problem.


I don’t know that it will solve this problem but it will fix other problems you would likely run into. It’s not uncommon for Windows users to install SketchUp incorrectly and since you have only newly installed it, I figured it’s good to be proactive.

Make sure you log in as your normal user, not as the System Administrator. Also make sure SketchUp is closed. Find the downloaded installer, right click on it, select Run as administrator and, when given the choice, select the Repair option. That should set you up.


This basic survey plotting tool may get you by until the Extension Warehouse issues are resolved.

Survey Tool by J. Wehby

surveytool.rbz (2.6 KB)