Can't see purchased extensions

HI I have downloaded free and paid for extensions but they dont appear to be all there and they are not listed as extensions from my drop down although some are in extensions manager. I have quite and restarted skp. i am a beginner sorry!

Which version of SketchUp are you using? Please update your profile with the correct information. It says you are using SketchUp 2014 but that version doesn’t have an Extension Manager. What extensions seem to be missing?

Where is it you are looking for these missing extensions?

i am on a Mac using 2019. I just bought Eneroth Section slicer extension and can’t see it. in fact some that I can actually see in my extensions manager are obvs there but i dont know how to get to use them - as in get them to appear on my drop[ down

What “drop down” are you talking about? do you mean the Extensions MENU? Not all extensions show up in the Extension menu. Some show in other menus. Some only show up in the Context menu if you right click on something in the model space where that extension could be used. Look at the instructions for the extension on its page in the Extension Warehouse to see where it should show up.

Eneroth Section Remover (closest thing I can find to what you wrote) shows up in the Edit menu.
Screenshot - 6_29_2020 , 6_31_06 PM

Please update your profile to show that.

window-extension manager the list doesnt show all. If I go Extensions> then I can see listed in drop down some downloaded free renderers like Twilight and one extension called eneroth upright extruder which I have not been able to use yet.

its not that one - the one i bought enables you to cut a model in half using section