Newbie here needing extension help!

I’m currently using either my trial version of SU or the web based free version. I’ve just installed some extensions through SU and SU has told me they were installed successfully and that they are ready for me to use. The problem is… I can’t see them anywhere??
Am I missing something??

It depends on which extension you installed. There could be a new menu item in the Extension Menu, the Tools menu, the Draw menu or the right-click context menu, it might give you new icons to add to the toolbar, etc.

Read the documentation for the extension to see what’s supposed to happen when you install it.

Try restarting SketchUp.

Give us a clue!
What extensions?
Did you check the info given on each extension as to ‘How to Use’ and possible ‘Dependencies’?

Those are the three extensions that I installed and they are showing in the list in the extensions manager

I don’t use any of those plugins, but I’ve noticed that 1001bit Tools on the extension warehouse only claims compatibility up to SketchUp 2015. This might be why it’s not working, assuming you’re on a trial of SketchUp Pro 2018 as you didn’t say. Hopefully someone that uses it will reply.

Extensions will not be installed in the web based free version.
cutlist, rs _window and 1001bit should appear in the extensions tab (of the trial version) if you’ve installed and enabled them.

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