Free 2017 problem

I am using the free 2017 version I know by reading through posts on forum that the 3D warehouse no longer supports this version. I am a casual user so don’t want to buy a version. However I still want to get items when I can. One post suggests I go to the tab in my model to search. I’m lost can’t figure it out. Can you help me? I normally use this program for furniture as I build things as a hobby for family and friends. Any help would be appreciated.
Tunica Steve

Look for the Components panel in the Default Tray. If it’s not there, enable it in Window>Default Tray.

Screenshot - 10_21_2021 , 6_47_21 AM

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Thanks I just couldn’t figure out how to get it in my model. I could see it in the component window but didn’t understand how to do it.
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How to get what? The component?

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