Sketchup Make 2017 reset

I recently got a windows 11 PC upgrade and had to do a factory reset. I am a senior and do not have the funds to pay for a newer subscription so I have to stay with the 2017 version. My question is, Are there still 2017 components in the 3D Warehouse available to download from within Sketchup Make 2017? I know they cannot be downloaded from 3D warehouse directly from the website itself, but can I download 2017 compatible components from within the component dialog box itself ?

You would go to the 3D Warehouse and download the Collada file for the component you want. Then extract the content of the file and import the included .dae file into SketchUp.

So, I cannot get the desired component from within the program itself through the component box itself anymore?

also, since senior citizens or people on fixed budgets may cannot afford a full subscription, do you have a free or for low income alternative to sketchup that is newer than Make 2017?


You can use SketchUp Free from Trimble Identity

I couldn’t find a license for you. I will send a message to you to find out what email your 2017 license is under. It’s worth me looking it up, because you may have qualified for a 2018 upgrade.

That aside, downloading Collada and importing it into 2017 works well. Make sure to select Merge Coplanar Faces in the import options.