Unable to download models using Sketchup 2017

I’m new to Sketchup and new to this forum. I’m having difficulty downloading models from the 3-D warehouse. When I click to download a model, nothing happens. Any advice?

The 3D Warehouse doesn’t support SketchUp 2017. You can search via the Components panel instead of the 3D Warehouse panel and get some components. The primary way to get content from the 3D Warehouse for SU2017 will be to go to the Warehouse in your internet browser, download the Collada file and import the included .dae file into your SketchUp file.

Thank you. My guess it it will be easier to use the current online version of Sketchup. I don’t always have access to the internet. That’s why I’ve been using 2017 …

The online wersion is supported by the 3D Warehouse so it will be easier to use it.

What are you modeling? Maybe it would make more sense to make your own components.

I just now signed in and very easily downloaded a model I’m interested in. I’m laying out a woodworking shop in my garage. I’ve made a rough layout in PPT but it’s very clear that Sketchup will be far better. It’s a lot more fun to use too …

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Yeah. For that sort of thing Sketchup will be more fun for sure. Also keep in mind that you can add infeed and outfeed zone for machines like tablesaw, jointer, planer, router table, and bandsaw so you can make sure to avoid conflicts.

Although you can get some very detailed components for woodworking machines, keep in mind that detail can overload a model quickly. Especially in your well-equipped shop. Look at the components you add and consider details they might have that doesn’t add anything to your layout process. Even things like manufacturer’s labels aren’t really needed when you do the layout.

I’ve made a couple of projects using 2017. As I’m new to SketchUp it will be easy to continue with the online version whenever I do have access to the internet. I’m stuck using a Hotspot in my phone for internet access and sometimes it just doesn’t get there … LOL

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You can save out 2017 versions of your files created in SketchUp for Web and open them in SketchUp 2017.

When I am working in desktop SketchUp 2017 and I need something from the 3D Warehouse I just open SketchUp Web and import the model I need and then save it as 2017. Then I can import it into my 2017 model.

Awesome, thanks fir the tip.

I created some ‘tools’ in a 2019 pro version on my laptop, now when I try to bring them into my PC I get this

They are all .skp files !
How do I get round this and transfer it to my PC Thx?

What version of SketchUp are you using now? 2015 Pro as indicated in your profile? Maybe Eneroth Open Newer Version or upload the files to the 3D Warehouse and let it make Collada versions of the files which you can import into the older version.

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You can save the files as version 2015 from your laptop.

Trying to get my head round this, So what files will open in which version ?
I can’t open a file made in the current web version in a 2015 version right?
Can files go back in ‘time’ but not forward ?

Yes 2015 Pro

Correct. The farthest back you can currently save with the we b version is SketchUp 2017. The desktop versions of SketchUp will let you save back to SketchUp 3 but not the web versions.

A newer version of SketchUp can open an older version. SketchUp 2015 can open SketchUp 2015 and earlier files. It cannot open files made in later versions, though.

As I wrote you could upload your files to the 3D Warehouse and let the Warehouse generate Collada files which you can then download and import into SU2015.

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I’ve uploaded a few of my files to 3D WH and DL them and all works ok, was a bit confused as to a .dae file but fathomed it, Thx.
Anyway, is there a way of enlarging the UI in Pro 2015 without changing my whole PC settings ?

Enlarging the UI how? The whole SketchUp UI?

It’s just the tool bars are quite small

Are you using Large Icons or small?

Screenshot - 2_1_2022 , 1_24_53 PM

To what do you have display scaling set?

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