3D Warehouse - reorganized the favorites components Collection?

Okay, I noticed this in the last couple of days that the components default list of ‘favorites’, like Architecture, Construction, etc, that the collections have been ‘reorganized’ or seem to be completely deleted.

I use Sketchup for modeling my dream homes, places I’d build should I ever win the lottery, etc, and modeling tiny homes. As such, I generally use the Sketchup provided models for plumbing fixtures, cabinets, kitchens, etc.

Architecture had something like 12 or 15 collections, now there’s only 9, and most of them are completely empty??!

Doing a search both thru the Sketchup warehouse link, or thru a browser results in absolutely nothing or finding those collections that are still there but absolutely empty.

Can we restore those collections? Or at least get an explanation of why they were removed to begin with?

Here’s a picture of min. I still have those. You’re on 2016 or 2017?

Im using 2016.
But even when I view the 3d warehouse in browser, the collections are either missing or empty. Such as going into Dc Walls, Floors and Stairs, it exists but it’s empty. Both in 2016 and in-browser Warehouse.

Doors, Cabinetry, plumbing fixtures, etc, is completely missing in 2016 and I can’t find the collections in the Warehouse either.

Your screenshot shows 1 - 12 of 17, in 2016 it only shows 1 - 9, and 3 of them are completely empty. Lighting, Dc Walls & Furniture.

This is what I see in the Warehouse under the Architecture collection for example, note the numbers on each sub-collection.
These are the same collections that show up in 2016 under Architecture.
According to last edited date on the pages, the changes were done on 3/16/2017

So regarding the screenshot, yes, it’s only 9 in 2016. It’s an IE11 issue in-client with 2016 or older. Thanks for finding this - we’ll get on the fix and let you know when it’s completed. I’ll list those collection url’s in the next comment, and if you have Windows Edge or a non-IE browser or 2017, it should work until we fix this. Macs are not affected.

DC Cabinets: DC Cabinets | 3D Warehouse
Lighting: Lighting Low Poly | 3D Warehouse
HVAC: HVAC Low Poly | 3D Warehouse
Retail: Retail Low Poly | 3D Warehouse
DC Walls, Floors, Stairs: DC Walls Floors and Stairs | 3D Warehouse
Electronics: https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com/collection.html?id=5bc14409c491ee2e78bec798573d3fa4
Games: Recreation Low Poly | 3D Warehouse
Music: Musical Instruments Low Poly | 3D Warehouse
Furniture: Furniture | 3D Warehouse

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I almost never use Edge, I use Chrome or Firefox. But Edge is up to date and functioning.
As for using 2017, I can’t because of the hardware acceleration requirement. I only have a laptop and - newsflash, 75% of all household Windows laptops -don’t- have that. They’ve now eliminated the possibility of anyone who has to follow a budget from ever picking up and using Sketchup 2017 and I assume every future edition. But that’s a separate grudge that’ll never get solved.

As for using a non-IE browser, That screenshot IS in Firefox, I’ve replicated the same issue in Chrome, I’ve replicated the same issue in Edge. Not using URLs, but via the search engine and via the main page listings. I even hauled out a second Win10 laptop yesterday trying to troubleshoot this thinking it was this laptop, updated the browsers, and replicated the same issue with that one too.

I just tested your provided links. The same issue - Furniture, Lighting, DC Walls are empty. Missing collections are still missing.

This is the url that I get for the Sketchup Components category, in all three browsers following the main link on the Warehouse page.

As for Add location & webtextures, I’ve never actually tried to use that function before, so I don’t quite know how to test that.

BTW, your links are only going to the 9 collections that I can find, not the ones that disappeared on me.

OK, some additional ones you want that are in 2017:

Doors: Doors Low Poly | 3D Warehouse
Cabnitery: HVAC Low Poly | 3D Warehouse
Fireplaces: Specialties Low Poly | 3D Warehouse
Plumbing: Plumbing&Sanitary Low Poly | 3D Warehouse
Appliances: Appliances Low Poly | 3D Warehouse
Safety & Security: Safety and Security Low Poly | 3D Warehouse

I’ll search for others. Site update coming shortly.

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OK, we’ve fixed 3DWarehouse for SketchUp 2016 and earlier on Windows, and IE 11 on Windows. Let me know if you’re still seeing issues.

Still seeing issues, unfortunately.
Checked the Warehouse in all three browsers I use, Edge, Chrome & Firefox. Cleared the cache in all 3 as well, still having the same issue.
Checked the Warehouse and the Components in 2016, still missing & empty collections.

Tho your posted links seem to work, except the Cabinetry url goes to HVAC.

Let’s be clear: there are 2 issues hear. The one we considered more serious, requiring a code change, was fixed in less than 4 hours: Windows users, using IE 11 or older, or using SketchUp 2016, 2015 or 2014, were unable to get content from collections’ list of models. That worked on Edge, Chrome and Firefox.

The components list we are still investigating. It was edited on Feb 22 (about a month ago), and we’re investigating why that happened. We will figure it out and correct it.

And thanks for the correction on Cabnitery. The correct link is

And now we’ve fixed the list as well. We have one collection that is not quite right, but I’m guessing that one wont affect 99.99% of you.

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