Can find these assets anymore in the new 3D warehouse

I can’t find any of the models / assets from 3d warehouse
before the new 3d warehouse I had no issues and now nothing show under products or models and if i go to collections tab it show the categories but have zero products. and if I click on one of the categories it show “its empty” page.

Anyone know why this is happening?
Thank you for your help.

When I go to the 3D Warehouse and search for Pure Kraft I get this under Collections. It shows the collections are empty.

Clicking on gym80 … brings up this, however. Looks like the components are there.

I don’t know if the collections are empty because of some changes made by gym80 International GmBH or if it’s something to do with the updates being made to the 3D Warehouse (and which are still going through changes).

Yes I never had issues before they updated the 3d warehouse I was also able to find any model by it’s code but now everything is empty. you think they will fix it?
I don’t think gym80 change anything.

They have indicated numerous times in this forum category that there are features that will come back as they work through all of the updates. They’ve asked that users have some patience while they complete these updates.

Hey Matan,

I believe some of the confusion stems from the fact that this User (aka Organization) has marked all of their products private, so that is why you are not seeing them.



Hi Erik,

So you think after the 3d warehouse update they made it private? make no sense since before the update i had no issues


I really hope so I really need to use those assets for work

I don’t think Trimble would make all of those objects from the same user private. Probably coincidental. Maybe you should try contacting them to find out what the story is.

I presume you’ve already used at least some of their components in your SketchUp models. You could extract them into your own local collection for later use.

Hi Dave,

I have some but not all it was very easy that it was always in 3d warehouse. I’m also sure that it has something todo with 3d warehouse been updated.

You should still contact gym80 International to get the story from them. I have a number of components and models uploaded to the Warehouse but they are all private.