[Bug?] Component browser not seeing all my 3D warehouse models

If I log into the 3Dwarehouse in the Chrome browser, logging in using my Google account, I see 31 models I have drawn and uploaded.

When I look in SU 2017 via the Component Browser, while logged in in SU with the same email address, I see only some of them - 12 in total.

11 of these 12 are in the two collections I have. The other one that shows in the browser is not in any collection.

But where are the other 19 models hiding? Several of them are components to which I I’d like to have ready access in the Component Browser.

I know as a workaround I can download them into a local folder and make them a new local collection.

I’ve tried logging out in SU, then logging back in again using the 3rd head-and-shoulders icon bottom left in the main SU window.

No change.

So how can I access them through the Component Browser?

PS. Some of them were drawn in earlier or much earlier versions of SU - I wondered if that might account for it. but the only item not in a collection was drawn a long time ago and IS visible, so I don’t think that’s it.

Is it better now? We had some issues just after midnight GMT.

Will try it now again:

Still hanging with the 3Dwarehouse icon showing, and a blue progress bar at full, but no components showing after a minute.

But then it opened. And I still only see 12 of 31 models in My Models - the same 12 as before.

Should I have cleared the Safari cache, or is this part of SU2017 using the Chromium component?

Try again: go to Safari/Preferences/General [Manage Website Data] then delete sketchup.com site cookies and cache etc.

Still only seeing 12 of 31 models.

Sorry, not fixed at least for me.

2017 uses Chromium, so it’s a WebCache directory. OK, I"ll poke around and see what’s going on.

(PC is ~/AppData/Roaming/SketchUp/SketchUp 2017/WebCache, Mac is ~/Library/Application Support/SketchUp 2017/WebCache)

I’ll try clearing that and report back in a few minutes when done. Do I need to close SU, clear cache, then reopen SU?

Closed SU. Deleted all contents of WebCache folder where you said. Restarted SU.

Still only seeing same 12 of 31 models.

Sent you a PM with account usernames and email addresses.

Don’t know if it is related, but I also tried yesterday searching in 3Dwarehouse component browser for Dynamic Components.

I thought I’d get at least hundreds of hits, but got only a dozen, even just using the one-word search term ‘dynamic’.

This can’t be right - I know I’ve found far more in the Warehouse itself using a browser, even using a more specific search like ‘dynamic stairs’.

Indeed, just repeated the search in a browser - I get 14,847 results for ‘dynamic’. Even more than I thought!

Working on the PM.

For Dynamic components, we still have the search terms ala Google days - in the search bar, use is:dynamic

Or from https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com/advancedsearch.html click the checbox Only Show Dynamic Models:

Should be 20K+ DC’s.

Thanks. I’ll try that

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