Change to 3D Warehouse? (cabinet blocks appear to have gone missing)

Hi SU Community.
Has anyone perceived a change to the way 3D Warehouse is organized? Or has there been a recent purging that anyone is aware of? Reason I’m asking - I’m an interior designer and routinely use the cabinet “blocks” provided by Medallion Cabinetry when laying out kitchen designs. (FWIW, I also often specify Medallion cabinetry, so I love that I’m working with actual products). Anyway, the once robust quantity of Medallion blocks in the Warehouse now seems to be whittled down to virtually nothing. It’s also no longer located in the “products” tab but in the “collections” tab. Would this be a change prompted by SU? Or perhaps by the vendor? I’m kinda panic stricken here because I rely so heavily on that collection of well made (but low poly!) blocks for schematic designs and I’m not seeing good alternate option in the Warehouse.
Any and all advice is welcome.
Thanks for hearing me out!

I have looked at the Warehouse, and I see that no products appear in Products, but instead in Collections. I’m assuming it’s something to do with the vendor, but something seems very wrong.

From what I see, there’s a lot of collections when I search Medallion Cabinetry, however most of them are empty - no models or collections in them. More confusing are the collections with models or collections in them, they have no models, only collections, but it’s again these empty collection with nothing.

I’m puzzled by whatever that’s going on to these Medallion Cabinetry, and I’m afraid that none of their models are currently going to be seen again. Sorry for losing out on these

Also, I don’t think it’s anything to do with SketchUp team members purging items from the Warehouse because I still find the terrible, useless models in the Warehouse.

If you are familiar with the firm in question, I would recommend that you contact them directly. They may have withdrawn their models for some reason or there might be a technical problem of some sort.

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