Where do i find dark mode for sketchup?

Where do i find dark mode for sketchup?
This is 2023 right?


SketchUp Desktop does not have a dark mode - SketchUp for iPad and the 3D Warehouse have dark mode.

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Dark mode needs to be an option. Hopefully with these swanky new icons we just received, something like dark mode will be easier to implement.

Currently there are a couple of hacks, but nothing that has worked 100% for me. I purchased Windows Blinds a while back, or some people suggest using Windows high contrast themes, but this just leaves the whole OS GUI looking awful!

Windows Blinds did change Sketchup to Dark mode… Kind of. Some areas such as the trays are so deeply ingrained into windows, that they stayed white whatever I did. Others, the background changed, but the text did not for some reason, so it was not legible! It may have improved by now I suppose, who knows.

The point is, we need a proper in-built solution.

For those people who say dark mode is unnecessary and a waste of resources that could be spent on other things… Sure, but whilst I am spending many hours everyday using SketchUp, I would like to be comfortable at all times using the software. Every one has their own personal preference, which is why it should always be an option rather than a forced change.


I get migraine from the bright screen when I have to work in sketchup at night. I’ve been complaining about it for years, but Trimble just doesn’t give a ■■■■ if their software is causing health issues. Dark mode is not some fancy addition, it’s a requirement if you enjoy being able to see. Luckily this is my last year of having to deal with this, our sub expires in June, and then we’re switching to 3DS Max. I’ll consider sketchup again when the first line of the new features reads “Dark Mode Added” but it’s not going to happen. Trimble has a different agenda.

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Where can I find sketchup2024

rumour has it Kate Middleton has the only copy of the installer, that’s why everyone is looking for her.


Darkmode has to be performed very well included thousand plugin’s icon. This is not only need changes from Trimble, but developers.

I honestly cant take it anymore, the UI is so bright, I agree with the one poster… DARK MODE IS A REQUIERMENT not a feature!. This is an accessibility requirement for users… I do understand the back end but at this stage its been so long and no work has been done on the windows UI, we are not in XP anymore people!!! Every program in my studio has dark mode except SketchUp.

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Try reducing the monitor brightness. Mine is set extremely low.

I wonder who will do it first, sketchup with a dark mode or twinmotion with a light mode…
(because forcing either one is equally stupid, it’s all about choice)

edit : it only took archicad what, 39 years ? last summer it was an open beta option, kinda like sketchup labs. didn’t prevent people to make great buildings with it though.

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This is mine. It is a tedious workaround. It works for 2022 and to some extent 2023. I could not get it to work in 2024

I just tested this app for OS X - GitHub - zenangst/Gray: Tailor your macOS Mojave experience
It lets you pick which apps you want light and which you want dark

It also overrides SU’s default UI but note that some text and icons, etc doesn’t reflect the change and are less legible…so like all things in life…there’s tradeoffs.


You can set up a ‘night’ style where the background is dark and the lines are light and the surfaces I guess would be a middle grey color… it doesn’t solve the toolbars and menu bars and pallets, but those can be minimized.

Yeah, that’s one of the issues with enabling dark mode: the light mode colors need to be chosen so that their dark mode alternatives remain legible/visible against the new dark backgrounds. That means going through the entire app and reworking everything…which is probably why Trimble hasn’t done it yet.

twinmotion had a light mode untill 2022, I just noticed that in 2023 it was removed.