Dark Mode with Big Sur update

Hi folx,

I recently updated my Mac to Big Sur and a lot of the apps have changed their programming so that they adhere to the dark vs light mode the computer uses. SketchUp has changed it so that they become dark with the mode of the computer. yay! NO. I would love it but I actually liked SketchUp when it was white and I like my computer in dark mode. I do not know how to detach the two and I would like to. Also… the measurement box in dark mode doesn’t display any measurements! So annoying! Please help me fix this, I would love to not be typing stuff into Terminal like so many fixes ask for because I do not understand it.


Hmm. I am not getting any dark mode with my version of Sketchup. I don’t remember it being mentioned in the update release notes. Did you do anything to enable it, mess with preference file etc?

There is no dark mode. Not on Windows. Not on Mac. Don’t know if it is important.

Thanks for confirming. I was a bit confused by the original posting.

There is a SketchUp dark mode in the new Big Sur Mac update. It makes SketchUp adhere to the light/dark mode the entire computer is in. The entire window goes dark and the measurement box stays light but the text goes white too.