Dark Mode for Sketchup Pro

Does anyone know if SketchUp Pro for Windows/Mac will be getting dark mode?


Those who might know aren’t at liberty to disclose that information. You’ll find out if and when it happens.


There was a dark mode announced at the Basecamp, but I don’t remember which product, maybe anyone else remember it?

SketchUp for iPad

SketchUp Free for Web has dark mode… OK I cheated a little :rofl:


Just create a style.

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I would like the toolbars and sidebars to be dark as well. I knew it was being released for iPad, but didn’t know if they were bringing dark mode to desktop as well.

What makes a dark mode desirable?

For a long time I’ve been one of those, eh, who needs dark mode, people. But in certain lighting situations it is a godsend. And not just in a darkened room, I use it in a brightly lit space. I have windows all around and sun streaming in all the time and it is far easier to work with than light mode. It is also extremely good at night with low lighting. I have dark mode now on everything that can use it. Web pages and software without a dark mode I avoid unless I really have to use them.
I don’t think you can quite understand the benefits until you have tried it and got past the initial, this looks strange phase.
Changing the Style is not the same.


I use dark mode on every app/software that I can. Reducing the amount of bright screen space is my main reason for pushing dark mode. Spending most days behind a computer screen is tough on the eyes, so I’m all for lowering brightness that my screen puts out. Also, I like the aesthetic.

For a long time I was a doubter too. I decided to try it just to see what the noise was about. Now I’ve gotten used to it and non-dark mode seems harsh.

It’s almost 2023 and dark mode is way past due in Pro. I agree with the above comments. Until you start using it dark mode looks strange. Once you’re used to it, it’s a must have.

Thanks, makes sense.

It is possible but you need to jump through some hoops to get it.

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Care to share what hoops you jumped through to get there?


I did this a while back so I will need to revisit all the details of how this went down but for sure life permitting I will put a write up of the process here. Be warned that this is a system wide change and everything on your PC will be affected accordingly.