Dark mode for SketchUp

Dear SketchUp team,

I’d really wish SU had a dark mode since some people, including me, get eye strain or headaches pretty easy from bright UIs.

Thanks for your hard work.



Get some me blue blockers.

Dark mode for icons and UI would be very close to the top of my list of things for SketchUp at the moment. As a pro user who often works late hours, this would be an immensely useful thing to have included as an option, just like so many other 3D apps.

Previously WindowBlinds has worked to some extent, but not completely and introduced it’s own problems with the SU interface. An in-built solution would be most welcome and now most of us are on Subscription, updates should be coming thick and fast right? Thanks.


Dark mode is absolutely a must have feature for me, especially like so many others, I often works in late hours.

If this feature is not offered in the next major upgrade, then most probably I might switch to alternative, though I love how easy in general is SketchUp.


What this has to do with a dark mode interface?

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I don’t know man, but every time I try to request a feature on this forum, I get an answer like that. Someone suggests a workaround instead of supporting the request. As I’ve said in previews posts, those kind of answers could be interpreted by the SU team as a lack on interest from user on the requested feature.


Totally agree with you.

Those kind of answers are useless and has nothing to do with the question or request being asked. And if I want a work around, I will be asking for a work around.


Couldn’t agree more.

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It has to do with easing eye strain. Insert censored content here. I’m sure you get the idea.

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It’s not dark mode, though, which is the feature request. Buying light blocking glasses is not a solution, but a rather ridiculous workaround that doesn’t really start to address the topic. Thanks.


I know what is blue light protector eyewears and what it does, however such eyewears does not relieve eye strains like what dark mode GUI dose … in fact not even close. Yes the blue rays in the white light has some negative effects, but mainly on the brain and psychology which may cause sleeping disorders besides other issues. What mainly hurts and strains the eyes is white light itself.


I keep it simple and easy: - when i work on later hours then i use Daylight-Lamps in the room and do not use the screen as only source of light. I use 3 Daylight-Led-Panels, that gives a bright and eye friendly light and i have no problems on my eyes when working in later hours with sketchup.

You know what? We don’t need a dark mode in SU. Actually, we don’t need dark modes in any software at all. I’m changing my Windows, 3ds Max and Photoshop colors to pure white and just buying 3 daylight LED panels. Oh, and I’m probably getting some glasses too. You know, just in case…

I’m also unfollowing my own thread because obviously this is going nowhere. Thanks to the few fellas who showed some common sense and just supported the request.


OMG! Did you read the other replies! The poster never asked for advices or work-around, he is posting a feature request very clearly and simple.

I understand how you must be feeling from such incredible replies!

If SketchUp decides to create a Dark Mode option then extension developers will also need to create both white & dark version of their toolbar buttons for plugins.

I personally will try Dark Mode when working with SketchUp at night.

There are a lot of interesting design challenges that will have to be addressed regarding rendering. For example, how will dark background affect the appearance of textures? Will a dark colored object tend to disappear? Will edges need to have a light color, and if so will they vanish when bordering light colored faces? Not against the idea - I have dark mode set on my Mac - just noting that there’s a lot more to it than simply flipping a switch.

Not really … with clever designs, the same icons in toolbars can look great whatever on light or dark background.

Here is an example from Vegas Pro UI in all of its 4 modes:





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Well, dark mode in 3D applications is not a new thing as it has been available in all professional 3D applications for so many years.

See the screenshots provided in this link to better understand how it works:

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and i say: dark mode is a marketing gag - used mostly on smartphones and tables in dark rooms. My 56 Year old eyes enjoy to work with the current setup of sketchup. And when i work in the late hours, i do not need dark mode - just switch on the right lights in the room and the eyes are happy.
I recommend to get more and sufficient info’s and recommendations i.E. from apple under witch circumstances the dark mode is good to use and when not.
The “dark mode” from other 3d apps are terrible - i did try blender on a 4K Monitor - you cant read the light grey text well on dark grey background - just my experience.

Just my 2 euro cents.