Dark mode for SketchUp

So the dark mode is for the user interface. The background style one chooses would be separate, and you have always been able to use a dark style and see how all of those issues would work.

Not true at all. It’s used in nearly ALL professional creative software currently available that is even remotely mainstream. It’s used in entire major operating systems as well.

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It’s the default mode for blender. Legibility is fine. Maybe focus on calibrating your display?

Default mode does not mean that is usefull under all circumstances - i cant use it.
*** Sarcasm on does the dark mode also need on books and newspaper, or do you write your notes with a withe or gray pen on black paper? Sarcasm off***

Sure, my monitor is wrongly adjusted when blender shows light gray letters on light gray background - my point of view, have a good light in your room, a good position on front of your monitor and you have no problems with your eyes.
An citation from your safety instructions for “pc workplaces”:
Even the office eye syndrome, i.e. dry eyes that burn, scratch and itch, cannot be avoided with dark mode. The eyes are irritated due to the proximity to the display and the flow of tears is inhibited. It makes no difference whether you are looking at a white, blue or green screen.

Just my two euro cents…

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Obviously you never care about the comfort of others as long as you are happy! And that is selfish because we are asking to offer dark mode as an option besides the standard light mode to satisfy all customers.

I hope I can say my opinion: I don’t want a dark mode either.


First, there is a huge difference between lights coming directly from the light source like a screen in this example and between lights being reflected on a surface like white paper … and one of the biggest difference is the light glare from digital screens and its negative effects on eyes. You need to read about that before assuming it is the same thing or the same effects on your eyes.

In short, it is scientifically proven that dark mode on digital screens reduces eye strain since light glare is far reduced comparing to light mode.

Sure you can say your opinion no matter what… but if the software is offering both the light mode and the dark mode, what you have got to lose? If you like the standard light mode, then it is there as it used to be, you like dark mode then it is available as an option … so give me a good reason why you don’t want it implemented as an option?

I didn’t say that at all.

I said: I don’t want a dark mode either.
No justification, just one opinion.

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a Google search for:

is dark mode screen better for eyes

appears to suggest that there is much debate but that perhaps dark mode is maybe not so much better for one’s eyes.

The top Google result for me is from All About Vision and it says:

While dark mode has a lot of benefits, it may not be better for your eyes. Using dark mode is helpful in that it’s easier on the eyes than a stark, bright white screen. However, using a dark screen requires your pupils to dilate which can make it harder to focus on the screen.

My italics - which I didn’t know.

BTW, I’m over 50 and very myopic - the large first line letter on the optotype is one big black blur.

So, i have the right to say my opinion and thinking about the dark mode, opposite to your opinion and thinking abot “light mode”.
Otherwise make this thread and a discussion about no sense.

Yesterday because of this post I created a Poll in a Facebook group about SketchUp asking the following…

“If SketchUp had the option of choosing the interface color between Dark vs Light Mode, which one will you use?”

Below are the results so far for only 1 day of the poll being up…

  • Light Mode all the time - 5 Votes
  • Dark Mode all the time - 43 Votes
  • Light Mode during the day and Dark Mode at night - 6 Votes

So far Dark Mode seems to be what people want.
>> Here is the link to Poll <<


If it did do light in the day and dark at night, it ought to follow the system settings. Otherwise whatever time SketchUp thinks is daytime may not exactly match what the system is doing with the rest of your screen.

Guys, I will stop debating you about the the benefits of dark mode because it seems like the debate of PC vs Mac which normally ends nowhere!

I got it …maybe you don’t like dark mode and that is OK because it is a subjective matter anyway … and maybe white mode does not bother you or strain your eyes even if you were 70 years old and that is OK as well since not all human created equal.

And because not all human created equal, so many other people like me are sensitive to bright light, thus the bright and white GUI bothers us and strains our eyes and even causes us headache.

Also, implementing dark mode option will have ZERO impact on anti-dark-mode people like you because the standard white mode will always be there, so what you are afraid of? And how about we all respect each other differences, requirements, and wishes? So, instead of fighting the dark mode implementation by saying negative or nonsense excuses, it would be nice of you to say something like “I don’t mind supporting it as long as it is not replacing the current white mode”… then, everybody will be happy.

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Thank you very much …

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It is not necessary to be automatic … just a click on a switch to change mode will be more than enough and almost all application do the same.


I was referring to the poll, not your original idea. In the poll there was a third choice, of light during the day and dark at night. I’m arguing that if there is a third choice, it ought to be that SketchUp follows the system settings. That system setting ought to be the default as well. That way, if system wide you have said you like dark mode, or you like light mode, or automatic, SketchUp will follow along. SketchUp shouldn’t compete with the system settings.

Most people would then not have to touch the SketchUp preferences. If they have their system set to always dark, SketchUp would be always dark. For anyone who likes the rest of the system to be light, but SketchUp to be dark, then the other options in the poll takes care of that.

I understand … so in my opinion all three options would be good to have.

I think so too.

There is a caveat to threads like these and the non expression of an opinion.
Those that are quite happy for an option to be available even though is of no interest to them will mostly not vote in a poll or express an opinion either way.This indifference skews the results in favour of the more voluble, as they simply appear to have more on their side.
So when discussing these sorts of things it is important to recognize that there are finite resources available to the software developers so they must prioritize where they place those resources. For me personally a dark mode would be way down on the list of things that I want them to work on (a tool for making spheres would also not be high on my list), even though I am old and poorly sighted. There are a great many things I would prefer they put their minds to and dark mode is not one of them.
So go forward carefully and consider what is a real priority as you may end up getting something you didn’t really ask for.
If you want an example of this sort of voting, have a look at the 2016 US election.

So given the choice I would vote No to Dark Mode if it takes resources away from things that would be more useful to me.
If Dark Mode can be implemented without taking resources from other areas then I have no issue with it.
They are two very separate scenarios.