Are there any skins for the SketchUp program or interface

The Color/Brightness of the SketchUp interface is too bright for my eyes making it difficult to work in the program for extended time periods.
Are there any skins or color adjustments that can be made to the interface.
Perhaps something like the new Dark Mode in Outlook?


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No Dark mode yet although others and I had asked for it.

On a previous machine I created my own dark mode system scheme via the Win7 system dialogs.
I first choose a high contrast scheme then edited that.

On this new Win10 machine I just set Win10 dark mode. (But again SketchUp products do not honor Win10 dark mode.)

Yes I have a dark mode on practically everything i use. Even just a darker grey works.
Vectorworks has incorporated a dark mode as of 2019 version too.
I build my components in SketchUp and import them as objects into Vectorworks.

Guess I should put it in as a feature request also.


If nothing else, you could set the background color in the style to be dark. That would take care of most of the screen.

I already moved this thread to the FR category. :wink:

I actually have a “Work” scene and style in my template that uses back background and white edges. It’s how I always used AutoCAD.

Was just looking at styles and the generic cad style is like what you mentioned.
Just have to remember to change it when I export to Layout so it doesn’t use all of my toner up on each project.


You could do what Dan does. Set up a “working” scene with the darker style for modeling. Use whatever style is appropriate for the scenes you make to show in LayOut.

That is what I will be doing for now at least.


Too bad I miss thinking of some of these things myself … although I just upgraded to 2020 yesterday and I am only today starting to get everything set up to my preference.

Yes my template also has a thumbnail scene (used to output transparent background thumbnail images,) and a Print scene which is a sketchy style black on white for printing.

For LayOut, I’d likely add scenes using the standard straight line style.