Where can I get a signed Student Data Privacy Agreement (Massachusetts Public Schools using G Suite)

Hi, Before my local technology administrator will deploy SketchUp for Schools over our G-Suite platform, we need to recieve a signed Student Data Privacy agreement from SketchUp. Who do I contact in order to obatin this document. Thanks!

@mlmclaughlin Thanks for your note. SketchUp is dedicated to transparency in regards to how we are keeping our customer’s data private and secure. For complete details regarding the privacy policies of the various free and paid SketchUp products, please see the following privacy notice: https://www.sketchup.com/privacy-notice

SketchUp Pro validates the software license at the time of installation, and collects activation details when the product starts up. The activation details provide anonymized information regarding the environment the application is running in. Specifically, we capture the following:

Globally unique user ID - Completely anonymous
License state - Trial vs Purchased
Basic product information - version, operating environment, language, and OpenGL version

SketchUp for Schools, which is integrated with G Suite for Education, complies with all federal regulations defined in COPPA and does not capture any personally identifiable information (PII). For more details on the SketchUp for Schools terms of service, please see: https://www.sketchup.com/edu-tos

Unfortunately our legal team is unable to make exceptions to the terms of our privacy policy and we are unable to sign 3rd party privacy agreements.

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