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I have a question regarding Sketchup for Schools. We want to sign up to Sketchup for Schools, and we have G Suite established at our school. I have a question regarding the autentication and account creation process for teachers and students, and what type of data Sketchup and Trimble store.

In Sketchup´s privacy policy, it says that if I use Sketchup for Schools and authenticate with G Suite, then no personal data such as names is stored at Trimble or at Sketchup. But since the regular Trimble privacy policy also applies, then it becomes hard, since Trimble as a company stores personal data such as names.

So I want a clear answer:

What kind of personal data does Trimble and Sketchup for Schools store? Does Trimble as a company store personal data when I use Sketchup for Schools?

Have you seen this?

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Thanks for the tip. I´ll look into it!

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404 broken, in the SketchUp license agreement (Sect. 3.4 Privacy) too…

… should probably be:

This is all very frustrating for me as a teacher looking to use Sketchup as a tool to enhance my students educational experience. I have been trying to get Sketchup for Schools approved by my district for months now. Sketchup saying it does not capture any PII but requesting access to many things on the GSuite dashboard. (See screenshot) Not signing third party privacy agreements, not answering questions clearly and information requests like this just scares off our district. Looks like I will just be stuck giving worksheets and textbook work to my students :frowning: