SketchUp for Schools, GDPR, Trimble data processing agreement

Hoping to get some clarifications on the personal data processing in SketchUp for Schools.
The privacy policy states that no account data is collected and still SketchUp requires access to the account. For example, if students sign with Google account. SketchUp requires access to Google Drive, which means that SketchUp processes student data. Without a data processing agreement, it means that SketchUp processes it as data controller. With the privacy policy being so narrow and stating that no data is collected the purposes for processing remain unclear.

It would be appreciated if you could provide further documentation on how you do not collect student data, while still requiring access to the account.

Trimble has a data processing agreement available, but as Trimble provides several different services, it is not clear whether this data processing agreement applies to SketchUp for Schools as well. Is there a possibility to enter into a data processing agreement for SketchUp for schools?

We are looking for confirmation whether data processing agreement can be done, if not, then better documentation on how personal data is really processed in SketchUp for Schools.

Thank you.

Hi @finschool Thanks for the post. I am not a legal expert and can’t comment on anything in an official capacity but I can run your question over to the right team members and see if I can get an official answer for you to clarify things a bit.

I can however comment on the technical side of things. I can confirm that we do not store any student data with SketchUp for Schools. The only reason we need access to the student’s Google Drive is so they can save any files they create with the SketchUp for Schools app. Without access to the drive, students would be unable to save their work and while I am the first to admit, it does sound more than a little ominous with the way it is all phrased, we do our best to alleviate any fears that people may have with posts like this and official statements whenever possible.

Anyway, I’ll see if I can get a hold of someone who can help although I do ask for your understanding if it takes a little longer than normal as some members of our team are just getting back to the office after the holidays so they might need a day or two to get caught up.

Hi again @finschool. Thanks for your patience with all of this. We are working on a better version of our agreement for SketchUp for Schools that will be much more comprehensive and should answer a few more questions but as with all things like this, it is going to take some time to get it done. We are doing our best to get it done quickly but we can’t promise a release date for it just yet. Hopefully our legal team gets it done soon.

In the meantime, if you have specific questions I can do my best to get you an answer so feel free to ask me anything.

Good to hear.
I’ll be waiting for the new version of the agreement and further information regarding the personal data processing in SketchUp for Schools.

Hi @CaseyG any updates at this point?

Hi @CaseyG, I’m following up on my previous inquiry. I haven’t received a response. I would like to know if there are any updates on this.