Microsoft admin consent detail - Sketchup for School

Hi, we want to begin working with Sketchup for School but our security teams want more information about the admin consent.

When we try to give consent for our organisation which is a Microsoft Office 365 tenant the application ask us this :

Read user profile => ok
Read user files => probably to save file to OneDrive?
Read directory data => This one is intriguing??

There is no details about what the application can retrieve in data in our tenant and there is no link to user ageement.

Thanks in advance

Any Sketchup Teams responses please.
This question has been ask many time without any reponse and if a ask Sketchup Teams they do not answer and they want me to ask my question here. But nobody respond…

You might want to contact Trimble directly about the Trimble Identity setup - this is something handled global outside of the SketchUp team

Contact Trimble Inc. | Sales, Technical Support, PR, and More

I would assume that because the Microsoft sign in is used as part of federations and SSO, that the directorys need to be read so that Trimble knows which users are part of your organisation.
For standard single users I don’t know if that is used, but maybe it always asks for that permissions by default.

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Thank for your response.
This seem to be a question many ask i will try to post it here if a get a response.
I will contact the Trimble support to see if they can answer it.

Any news on that?

SketchUp for Schools integrates with Google’s G Suite for EDU and Microsoft Education. Students log in through their Google or Microsoft account, and SketchUp does not receive any student PII information. SketchUp for Schools does not collect any registration data or account data for any of its users. Rather, this information is submitted directly to Google and Microsoft’s services and is never stored by us. The permissions request you are seeing is coming directly from Microsoft, not SketchUp, as Microsoft does need permission to validate student Microsoft logins to tell the app, yes this is a valid user, we checked.


Thanks for this informations, we forward this to our team.
Have a nice day