Where can I find Sketchup 21.0.392?

I cant open any of my sketchup files untill i update to 21.0.392 but where do I download this from?
When i click on update im told I have the latest vertion

It can be confusing. You do have the latest 2019 version, but there is also a 2020 and 2021 version. You can download them from here:

The 2021 download is 21.0.392.

Ive done that but then im asked for my Serial number & Authorization Code which is for 2019 sketchup.
I dont understand why I have to update. I created all my sketchup files in 2019 but now it wont open them untill I update to 2021 I dont get it so confusing.!
I get this mesage
Screenshot 2021-04-08 at 22.04.06|690x214

You had a trial of SketchUp 2021 from the middle of Feb til the middle of March. Any files you saved while in 2021 are 2021 version files. They will still open in 2021, but will show that message in 2019.

If you have a file that you only worked on in 2019, the file should still open ok. If you have a file that you never used in 2021, and that shows the message you gave, can you add the file to your reply? I’m curious what would be wrong with the file.

I think that you have a 2020 license that you didn’t yet use, but that wouldn’t help solve the problem of opening a 2021 saved file.

I’ve done that but then it asked for my licence

I didn’t even know I was using 2020 or 2021 I don’t understand why it asks to be updated when I dont have a Serial number & Authorization Code for either of them.
All my files are too large to upload

I have had the license system send a copy of your 2020 license to you. You can add that license to SketchUp 2020, if you want to be a little more up to date. It will have been sent to your Gmail address.

How many files did you work on while you were using the 2021 trial? Any files that you didn’t work on should still be 2019 format files.

Hi Colin
I already have that info If I open 2020 it asks me to start a free trial or add a classic licence, if I try adding the info you sent over I get Oops That doesn’t look like a valid license for this version.
Each year’s version has its own unique license serial number and authorization code.
SketchUp Pro 2020 serial numbers begin with the letter “V”.
Authorization codes can be found in your license email or retrieved from our License Manager.
For more license troubleshooting tips, please visit this Help Center article.

I got this from support earlier
Please be sure you’re using the correct license for the version of SketchUp you’ve installed as they are version specific. You can identify the license version you have by the beginning letter of the serial number, as indicated below:

W- SketchUp Pro 2021
V- SketchUp Pro 2020
U- SketchUp Pro 2019
T- SketchUp Pro 2018

My licence starts with U

I found a smaller file
Workshop.skp (1.8 MB)

These are all 2019 files but now I cant open them the logo of the file has changed to 2021 but they used to have the original logo. I have no Idea how to fix this I am a casual user of sketchup use it 2-3 time a year so not familiar with all this update carry on.

All I want to do is use my 2019 sketchup pro that I purchased but it seams impossible to do because of sketchup updates.

Sorry about that, I misread by one year. You’re right, your last upgrade was to 2019. Thanks for trying.

Your Workshop example file was used in SketchUp 2021 at some point. For your other files, that are showing the newer icon, they will still open in 2019. The icon looking different doesn’t alter the file.

This is my problem they wont open

this file is saying 2020 ? gas storage .skp (207.6 KB)
I don’t understand how this can happen how did my 2019 become 2020 and now 2021 I think Ill just give up i’ve been trying to work this out for three days now and im non the wiser.

That file is a 2018 file, and it opens in 2019 ok.

Try going into SketchUp 2019, and use File/Open, to open files. Any that you have not worked on in 2021 should open ok.

Ok that worked, so when sketchup askes you to update any files after the update cant be opened.
is there a way of converting the 2020 -21 fils to 2019 then?

I dont get why I could use the 2020 sketchup if I only had the licence for 2019

Its midnight hear in UK so i’m off thanks for your help on this just wish I could get my head round it.

Maybe you were using the 30-day trial?

That sound Likely but I’ve been using it for a year or more