Upgrade to 2021

I had months free version of 2021 then got the University licence which is 2020 and cannot now open my work files. Help tab says log out and login to 2021 which is no where to be seen as an option. Also tried downloading 2021 at skechtcup.com but that is no where to be seen and may be replacing the free 1 month version, not the update of my licenced version. Any way of getting the 2021 version?

Might be easier and faster to install Eneroth Open Newer Version in SU2020.

Since you ran out the trial period of 2021 you would need to purchase a license for it to be able to continue using it.

There is no difference between the trial version and the subscription version, they use the same installer. The 2021 you installed is still under trial until April 4th, you could open your files in 2021 and do a File/Save As, to save them as a 2020 file.

I have a license from my university for the 2020 version but the work I did with the trail version will not open because the trail version is 2021. Sketchup.com says the version can be upgraded but I cannot see that it can.

You cannot open files saved in a newer version with an older version which is why I suggested using the extension which gets around that. As Colin indicates you should still have a little time left on your trial of 2021 so you could also open your files and use Save as to save them back to 2020 version files.

Yes that works, just save all my files to the earlier version.


Yes done it. Thx