Version 20.0.363

Hello, I cannot open a file, saying that I need to update my soft, in 20.0.363… And no update like this is proposed

20.0.363 it’s an older version, from January

If you search on Google after the ‘sketchup download’, the first link is to the page where you can download the latest version

You got the message because you opened a file that someone else made while using 20.0.363. If you have any version of 2020, it will open the file.

If you don’t, you can use this extension to convert the file to be a 2019 file:

Thanks, the things is I have a yearly plan, and I can’t update my version, I don’t know why, I tryed to contact the technical service, as my verison is 2019, and doesn’t proposed any update.

Sounds like you have the most up to date version of 2019 but there is a newer version, 2020.
2020 isn’t an update of 2019 it is a separate install, so you need to download it from Sketchup and install it.
It can run alongside 2019 so you don’t need to uninstall one to install the other.
Go to to download it.
It is recommended that once you have downloaded it, you should right click on the .exe and choose Run as Admin.

When you get 2020.1 from the link Box gave, open 2019 and sign out. Then open 2020 and sign in with the same email address you used with 2019. It should work.

thanks a lot