Cant open a sketchup 20.03 file with my pro subscription

Hi all as above, one of our designers has created a model in their sketchup 2019, I cant open it in my sketchup 2019 as its saying that the model was created in a newer version of sketchup, Problem is that my sketchup seems to think it has the lastest updates and therefore there isnt a newer version. Does anyone know how i can get around this as we really need this file for a client.


this file was created in a newer version of sketchup

you have version 19.3.253
you need version 20.0.362

Please visit to get the latest version



Your designer must have installed SU2020, they can save as back to 2019 for you or you can install SU2020, it will install separately to 2019 so I won’t effect your workflow.
Or you can install a plugin by Eneroth that will open all versions.