Sketchup Pro Version Problems

I check for updates in Sketchup, and it tells me I have the most recent version, but when opening files I get:

The file was created in a newer version of SketchUp.
You have version 19.3.252.
You need version 20.1.229.

Possibly related, I recently upgraded my OS, and can no longer see my license in Sketchup Pro but I am still able to edit and save sketchup files, so it seems the software realizes I have a license, but under “Manage Licenses” it says “No classic license found”

And under subscription it says “restart sketchup to start your 30-day free trial”

Sounds like potentially two separate things going on here. First is to get signed in with your subscription to the latest SketchUp. Open what you think is the latest version of SketchUp, check the version in SketchUp>about SketchUp. Then go to Help>Sign Out and sign back in again.

Setting Mac OS to open all .skp files in the latest version of sketchup is done by selecting one file on the desktop and pressing Command I to get info then select the app to open that file in, you can also set that app to open all files of that type there by pressing “change all”

I tried this. The version of Sketchup is 19.3.252. Then I logged-out and back in again, and selected “Check for Update” to get the latest version.

The response from Sketchup is that I already have the latest version.
This is wrong. The latest version is version 20.x.x.
This is a bug, and it’s preventing me from getting the laterst version.

Do you have a subscription to SketchUp or are you using a Classic license? If you are using your classic license then SU 19 may be the last version that you are licensed to use, if you did not pay for maintenance beyond that year. If you have a Pro Subscription then go to the download page and download the latest version of SketchUp from there, install it, then open it and log in. Every major year upgrade of SketchUp needs to be installed as a stand alone program.

it may be a combination of the two, you might be opening 19 with your classic license and not have assigned your subscription yet.

I’ll ping @colin who may be able to tell what kind of license you have from his end.

If you go to, what does ‘My Product’ show?
How many dollars did you pay for the license?
Each ‘major’ version has minor releases (19.1-19.2 etc)
They are called ‘updates’
Moving to a new major version (20-21) is called an upgrade.
Notifications of new versions pop up in the welcome screen or by email

As Mike is hinting at, you now have a subscription. With that you can run 2019, 2020, and 2021. On Mac those all can be installed. Get the ones that you want to use from here:

Make sure to open a version that is at least as new as the file you are using.

I used to get this often when double clicking on a file to open it. I now open files from my SketchUp > File > Open dialogue.