Downloading latest version of SketchUp Pro for Windows

I had a freelance SketchUp user do a project for me. He put the file in Dropbox. I downloaded it and could not open it because it was created using a new version than my installation. I went to Trimble, signed in, and downloaded a this file: Unconfirmed 998625.crdownload. I expected that clicking on the file would launch an installation program. But a Windows pop up asks "What program do I want to use to open the file. When I chose: Find program in Microsoft Store, I get a variety of options I do not understand.

Shouldn’t there be an auto-installer? Am I doing something wrong?

Nevermind, things got worked out. Thanks

Well, I guess things did not get worked out. I downloaded and installed SketchUp Pro, but after installation, I still get the message file created with newer version…saying I have version 20.2.
172, and I need 23.0.367. How do I go about getting the latest version? I opened my installed version, opened the Help window, clicked on check for update…was taken to Trimble again, clicked to download the only available Windows version, then got the same file to download again. So I installed again, and still get told I need version 23.0.367.

Any suggestions on what to do next?

First, did you install it properly? That means right clicking on the installer and select run as administrator. You can have 2 or more versions of the software installed unless you uninstall them from your system, maybe you are opening the 2020 version since that was already installed on your computer and may be the first choice of your pc to open when it finds a .skp file. When you open sketchup the logo of the software is red or blue?

Not sure where you downloaded from, but if you Dow load from you can get a trial version of 2023. Alternatively you can go to and use the online version to view your file.

The download links are here

I clicked on the link you provided. It took me to the same site/page that the “Check for Update” link took me to when I was looking for the update using my installed version. I downloaded the file again, the download was:'SketchUpStudio-2023-0-419-179. In the download window it shows I have now downloaded 5 instances of this same file name. Under the English downloads available are: ‘SketchUp 2023’, ‘SketchUp Pro 2022’, SketchUp Viewer", and older versions of SketchUp. I will try to install again.

I really appreciate this Forum and want to say Mahalo (Hawaiian for Thank You) to all those who replied. I found the problem: it was a ‘loose nut behind wheel’…in other words “my fault.” To recap in case someone else ever does this: I launch SketchUp from a link pinned to the Task Bar. That link was always going to try to open Pro 2020. I deleted the link and went to the Start section on my Desktop…finding a newer version waiting. Sorry for the fuss, and again you guys are fantastic.

Thank you for the update. If you’re in HI, where exactly?

Hanalei, Kauai…

Thanks. I have a friend about 250 miles from you, in Hana. Helping him with various SketchUp and LayOut things. Sounds like you couldn’t pop by and help!

I am really a total newbie on SketchUp. I’ve taken some of the tutorials and really want to get better but I learn best when I am actually solving a real-time problem, yet when I have a problem I cannot find the time to learn. I have a project that is under way and I am skeptical about the freelancer I am working with based on the file he sent me and saying he has 14hrs. in development.

That’s what I thought, that’s why I asked you what was the color of the sketchup logo when the program was launched. You could just left click on your file an select open with, then search sketchup 2023 on your apps. You can also set it up so your computer opens .skp files with the 2023 version instead of the 2020.