What do I do after update?

After the update, we cannot open files in version 23, I can only enter version 21 (old). Can I delete version 21 to use the new one without problem?

Probably it’s a issue that I have experienced and it was a big pain – not just with version 2023.

There have been suggestions on this forum but none helped and the only way forward for me was uninstall all previous versions.

While I was having this issue I would be able to open up files in the latest version of SketchUp or Layout by accessing the taskbar icons file history (right click on the taskbar icon).

Doubling clicking on the actual file would open up in the previous version.

If you right click on the file you could try open with.

If you are going to uninstall your previous version then make version 2023 is working for you – many on this forum have been reporting issues and bugs with 2023 that have been significantly impacting their workflow.

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While I have more than one version of SketchUp installed, I open SketchUp first, and access the model files from inside it. Whether the Explorer file associations work right or not, usually it is not opening the file in the exact version I want.

Thank you very much for the answers.
After several tests, I finally uninstalled both versions.
Then I have downloaded and installed the 2023 one, and I can open the files.
Unfortunately, it has assigned me a trial license for one month instead of my annual subscription, and now I am unable to activate it.
It’s like he didn’t detect it.
Has this happened to anyone else?

Are you logged in with the same e-mail as previously?

I have also tried modifying access to the product in the members menu of my Trimble account. It is here, where I see that I have the annual SketchUp Pro plan, the 30-day trial of SketchUp Studio and a Sketchup Free.
I am currently using the 30 days. When I open the application, I can’t select anything else.