Making the 2023 version WORK

Hello everyone!
I have been using a 30 days free trial version. Now I am having trouble starting version 23.0.419, which I paid a lot for. Every time I try to open a file from my harddisk, I get this message:
You have version 20.2.172. You need version 23.0.419.
If I try to open the program from the downloaded SketchUp Installer, I only get an empty window with a few signs on. What did I do wrong? I have searched for old files that might interfere with the new ones. In the Trimble overview of my account, both above mentioned version are listed as active. How do I get rid of the old, so that I can start using the new - or SketchUp at all?
I am 70 yrs and not an advanced pc user. I have Win 10.
With greetings from Norway

Did you install the program by right click on the installer and run as admin or just double click on it? If you didn’t run as admin, go back to the installer do that and choose repair once a window appears.

Thanks for your answer!
I double clicked at first twice I think… also got the option to run as admin. Seemed to work, but same result: Only a window with Welcome to SketchUp… Then tried right click and the same result. In all cases got the option to click on “repair…”

On your Keyboard

Press and hold the Windows key and Press R

This will open a little box called “run”

press ok

Scroll through the list until you see SketchUp

I’m guessing you have some multiple versions like I do
Perhaps 2020 and 2023?

if you do
Right click on SketchUp 2020 and choose uninstall.

My advice would be to NOT uninstall a prior version before you are absolutely sure that the newer version is fully working to your satisfaction.

I wonder if Windows is confused about what application to associate with files named .skp or .SKP. Other users can probably provide instructions for how to teach Windows that SketchUp Pro 2023 should be associated with .skp and .SKP file types.


Assuming you have a perpetual license for 20 as it’s pre subscription and a sub for 23. I would really try to keep a working version of 20, and not delete it. Multiple versions of SketchUp can exist on your computer simultaneously. You may need to simply tell the system to open all files with 23 as suggested. Keep in mind that files created in 23 are not backward compatible with 20 and will not open if your computer is trying to use Sketchup 20 to open them with.