Uninstalled All Traces of Sketchup - To install 2024 and 2023

As there is a known bug when trying to uninstall older Sketchup versions eg, 2022, 2021 whilst i have a later version such as 2023.1.340 on my pc, the solution im told is to uninstall every sketchup on my pc and start with what versions you want thereafter.

After that Job done.

I then installed the brilliant new 2024 studio first
From the page below… and then i also install 2023…

https://www.sketchup com/en/download/all

Unfortunately the advertised installer for 2023 is the older 2023 version SketchupStudio 2023-0-419-719.exe- and not 23.1 340.-117.exe So if you install the advertised older version your missing the later v23 enhancements to build it back up.

The latest build of 2023 needs to be made available for download please

On meeting the older skp icons when opening up 2023 i could not find any where to get the latest build version 23.1.340 so stuck back in time vacuum so to speak


Did you attempt a “Check for Updates” from within SU2023.

We can try modifying the download links …

MS Windows:

Apple Mac

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The incorrect links are being worked on, the ones Dan gave should work. The installer issue, where you had to uninstall later versions, was specifically with SketchUp 2021. If you have installed 2024, you should be able to install 2023 again afterwards.


Yes to uninstall 2022 i was told i had to uninstall all versions of sketchup which i had to do first eg 23,22 then 21.

Im now all up with 24 and 23 latest versions now as i need both to support customers

Thanks guys amazing you are

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