Sketchup 2023 Uninstall Fail

I’m trying to uninstall Sketchup Pro 2023 on Windows 11 from my computer and this appears every time I click on “uninstall” in the apps settings.

Do not uninstall this way.

Instead use the SketchUp installer executable, (right-click it, use “Run as administrator”) and choose the Uninstall option.

Same problem here with Windows 11.

  1. I installed Sketchup 2024
  2. Tried to uninstall Sketchup 2023 and got the same error as above
  3. Uninstalled 2024
  4. Tried to run the SketchUpStudio-2023-0-419-179.exe as admin but it says “A later version of Sketchup 2023 is already installed on this machine. The setup cannot continue.”

I am stuck. Any ideas?

The SU 2023 download links on the download all page are incorrect.

I posted new links here:


Great, thanks for the download link! I was able to uninstall Sketchup 2023 using the installer you linked.