Where can I download older versions of DC?


Not a typical question - i need to install older version of DC - let’s say 1.3.2 will be enough.

  1. How can I do it?
  2. Will it work with SU 2017?

Don’t ask why I need the downgrade. It’s complicated :wink:

You could try downloading an older SU version and copy the plugin files but I really doubt it would work. I’m not asking you why you want to downgrade but may I ask why I shouldn’t ask?

1.DC.zip (449.7 KB)

2.Version 1.3.2 was used till SketchUp 2015, in 2016 there was version 1.4 and I think this was due to changes in Ruby. It will work until it crashes.

The thing is that we use reports for cost estimates. We built and Excel sheet with VBA scripts and other magic which I don’t get and we did it when we were using DC 1.3.
DC 1.4 generates different reports - from our point of view - more complicated.
I think that it is easier for us to use an older tool than upgrade our own.
I will see if the file from Mike will work. Otherwise I need to make our Excel better :slight_smile:

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You might wanna update the pricing, as well…:grinning:

The core problem is that DC is programmed in Ruby, and each time SketchUp updates to a new embedded version of Ruby there is a chance that the previous version of DC will produce runtime errors unless updated to account for changes in Ruby. So, you can try installing an old version of the DC extension, but it may fail to run.

I believe turning off the internet still reverts to an older version of Report…



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