Where are material files?

Where is Sketchup hiding the JPEG materials? I did a search for the Sketchy_Stone_Ashlar.jpg file on C: drive and File Manager didn’t find it. Annoying.

It would be packed in the Sketchy Stone SKM file. You can change the file extension to .ZIP and open it to extract it or you could just right click on the thumbnail on the texture in the Materials panel in SU and export the image out.

Right click is not doing anything for me. I am on PC - maybe you are Apple?

No. I’m on the PC. You are using SketchUp Pro, right? You posted in the Pro forum.

And you have the texture in the In Model collection?

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Your problem is that SketchUp materials are saved as .skm files, not .jpg. A .skm is actually a zipped archive that contains the skp inside it along with metadata about the material.

Edit: oops! that should have been “contains the jpg” not skp!


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Oops! I’ll fix the previous post so as not to confuse other readers!

Pro 2018 yes, I updated Profile. Thanks.

In more detail, here’s a listing of the contents of that material skm file (on Mac not Windows, but that makes no difference in the skm file).

steves-macbook:Patterns steve$ unzip -l Sketchy\ Stone\ Ashlar.skm
Archive: Sketchy Stone Ashlar.skm
Length Date Time Name

 7362  10-12-2006 12:55   doc_thumbnail.png
  882  09-29-2015 16:32   document.xml
  861  09-29-2015 16:32   documentProperties.xml
    0  03-20-2007 18:58   ref/
19080  10-12-2006 12:55   ref/Sketchy_Stone_Ashlar_1.jpg
  357  10-12-2006 12:55   references.xml

28542                     6 files


You haven’t said what you’re trying to accomplish.

A simple right context click on the In Model material list enables you to export the JPG to a folder.

Yes. Like I wrote yesterday.

Actually, that’s backward. The right-click to export a texture’s image works only in the Windows materials panel, not on Mac.