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Hi, hope to be in the good topic.
I have an issue with my materials folder : I wanted to add my textures files in this folder, but did not understand the location proposed by default in the Files Preference at first.
So I did a copy of my textures library, in my User folder, then change the location in the SketchUp Files preferences.
When I opened the browser, the list of textures folders was here, but nothing inside, totally blank.
Then I understood (later’s better than never…) the hidden Library path to get to the materials folder used in the Files preferences by default.
So again did a copy of my textures, and put it in that hidden “User / Library / Application Support / SketvhUp 2017 / SketchUp / Materials” Folder.
Again, the list comes out in the browser, with a i.e. "Wood(1), but no textures appearing…
Don’t even talk of all SU reboot and Mac reboot.
And above all, from the SU Files preferences, the hidden library folder can’ be seen.

Hope this is clear…
Anyone had that issue, and a solution ?
Thanks a lot, 23 textures files with at least 40 images each to enter 1 by 1 scares me !:slight_smile:


I am puzzled, a Sketchup Texture has a . skm extension, what extension does yours?


Hi Mike,
sorry, they’re not .skm textures, they are .jpg files for materials.
Read that Materials palette should recognize any .jpg file to put it in materials library, as did SketchUp 2016.


Were did you read that?
An Image (jpg,jpeg,bmp,tiff etc) needs to be ‘converted’ to a ‘native’ SketchUp material.
This is done by importing the image file ‘as texture’ via File->Import and placing on a face. Then it is converted. If multiple imports are needed, you would be better of with an extension that can read (multiple ) files at once. I believe @TIG has one, but not sure if it works for Mac?


Thanks a lot Mike.
I probably read what I wanted to hear, but your explanation is perfectly clear.
In fact, I converted a lot of images, but forgot to save THAT Library.


And sorry, Mike, but do you know how to restore the Files preferences with the initial hidden Library path ?


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