Whenever I orbit, my surfaces keep disappearing

Hello. I have encountered this problem while working in sketchup pro 2021:

I have tried to play with the styles and temporarily works, but whenever i orbit, the surfaces disappear and i don’t know what else to do. Right now, i’m using in model - simple style and the only selected ones from edge styles are “edges” and “profiles”.

Typically you can see this behavior on very large poly heavy models. Happens because the graphics card can’t “keep up” when orbiting. On a simple model it leads me to think your graphics card is not suitable for running SU. Just a guess because the information in your profile about the computer your using is just nonsense.


Looks like you are running a low-end integrated gpu.
Or maybe you have a dedicated gpu but for some reason Sketchup is still executed on the integrated gpu.
If you have an Nvidia graphic card, you may want to check the Sketchup specific settings in the Nvidia control panel and make sure Sketchup is always executed on the Nvidia gpu and not the integrated one.
Not sure about Radeon cards, because I never used them, but I suppose there’s some similar setting to fiddle with.

I just updated the information, sorry for that. Im not a very tehnical person and i just put them in a hurry

According to your profile, you are using an Intel integrated gpu.
99,9% is that causing the problem.
Sketchup may still work on such kind of gpu, but unfortunately problems may occur more often than not.
I’d suggested you buy a dedicated graphic card to use Sketchup (or any 3d/graphic-intensive app).

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If you orbit and then wait a while, do the faces finally paint in? It is normal for SketchUp to show wireframe while orbiting or panning if the graphics card is too slow to keep up, but it should catch up after a short lag when you pause. Because this is happening on what looks to be a very simple model (I assume there isn’t more stuff hidden or off the view), it indeed suggests that your graphics are not adequate.

One thing to try is to get the latest drivers from Intel. Don’t trust Windows to update them itself, it has a nasty reputation for installing drivers that are broken for OpenGL.


Hmm, just to rule out the files themselves, could you share with us a file where this happens ? so we can check on our end?

It’s probably not it, it looks like your machine has some trouble rendering the elements, but who knows, could be a combo of weird parameters.

To do that, simply save a problematic file like the one shown, and drag it here in the answer window.

Although intel UHD GPUs are not super powerful, they shouldn’t cause problem on such simple files. Many training centre I’ve taught at have such machines for “simple” softwares. Especially with SU21, it’s older, late 2020, made to work with average - low end machines of that time.

You could indeed check for proper driver updates as Steve said.
Out of curiosity, are you using a single screen or two ? these GPU can technically run dual screens, but that + sketchup might be too heavy.

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I used SketchUp Make 2017 on my previous laptop which had Intel UHD integrated graphics only. No problems whatsoever with simple models but indeed wireframe during orbiting and panning on heavier models. A second or so after stopping orbit or pan the model would look normal again. If this doesn’t happen, share your model so we can test it.
Not sure if SketchUp 2021 is more demanding of your graphics card…
Make sure you are using the latest driver from Intel website or upgrade to a dedicated graphics card…


To me this looks like a large model extents problem rather than a driver problem. Post the model so we can check it out.