Graphics card for SketchUp Pro 2021

I have installed SketchUp Pro 2021. When new model or existing file is opened the background is black and lines white. I have understood that the graphics card could be a reason for this. My laptop has graphics card Intel (R) UHD Graphics 620.
Which graphics card should be used with SU 2021?

What you have isn’t a dedicated GPU, but instead just integrated graphics on your Intel CPU. I have heard stories where updating graphics drivers can help a lot (directly from the source, not Windows updated) with this type of graphic malfunction.

Ideally you should get a dedicated GPU from a major maker, like NVIDIA or AMD.


Preferably any dedicated GPU except integrated graphics (like the Intel UHD… ones). I have a preference for Nvidia, but AMD should work too. Usually you cannot retrofit a graphics card into a laptop.
You could check for an updated driver from the Intel website, and try if changing the status of “Fast Feedback” in the SketchUp Window menu>Preferences>OpenGL helps.

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Many thanks Anssi! Your last tip “changing the status of “Fast Feedback” in the SketchUp Window menu>Preferences>OpenGL” worked, the problem was solved.

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