Is my Intel UHD 620 graphics card supported?

I’ve been using SketchUp 2018 for some time and I recently upgraded to PRO 2019. When I got 2018 I had to download a patch to get my graphics card to work.

I can’t see anything I place on the screen; try to open an old file and nothing is displayed.

Screen shot of my graphics card; can anyone tell me if it’s supported for Pro 2019?

As far as i know intel cards are not enough… You can check your hardware by using sketchup check up…

Go to Window->Preferences->OpenGL and untick ‘Use fast feedback’


SketchUp Hardware and Software Requirements

SketchUp’s performance relies heavily on the graphics card driver and its ability to support OpenGL 3.0 or higher. To test your graphics card’s compatibility, please download and run the SketchUp Checkup application. Historically, people have seen problems with Intel-based cards with SketchUp. We don’t recommend using these graphics cards with SketchUp at this time.

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