Sketchup pro compatibility with Intel HD Graphics card

Hello, I’m looking for some insight from a user running on MacBook Pro. I am about to upgrade to 2018 Sketchup Pro. The system requirements allows for a Mac OS but also states that it is incompatible with the Intel graphics cards. My assumption is all MacBooks run Intel and so there must be tonnes of frustrated users having issues running Sketchup.
Can someone please shed light on the issue of compatibility with MacBooks Intel chip and Sketchup?

It’s not that SketchUp is incompatible with Intel graphics chips. It’s that Intel graphics drivers tend toward less than adequate OpenGL support. Many users manage just fine with Intel Graphics. It does seem to be sort of variable. Apple frequently pushes updates for the Intel drivers. Microsoft does, too. Sometimes the drivers work better than before but almost as often, the drivers create problems instead of solving them. Nvidia drivers have proven themselves to be much more reliable over the years. If you have no choice but to get a computer with Intel graphics, you’ll want to ride heard on updates and back them out if they cause problems.

DaveR is correct. However our experience with Sketchup Pro with integrated Intel Graphics on Windows/Thinkpads i7 processors for several years has been excellent with no problems and handling of very large models.

No glitches with driver upgrades.

We also use i7 processors with discrete ‘mobile workstation’ Nvidia cards (P3000) and don’t see a practical difference in terms of Sketchup Pro.

Thank you both for the quick responses. Already I’m seeing my suspicions were correct, that Sketchup has to put in writing possible issues with compatibility yet there are sooo many factors in what will make various OS work with the application. I can’t help but think I will be fine running it and/or able to find quick fixes if the need arises.
Thanks again

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Incompatibilities with IntelHD graphics circuits concern mainly the Windows platform. Apple writes its own drivers. If you need to know how SketchUp 2018 works in your own particular system, the best way is to install it and spend the 30-day free trial testing it.

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